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Welcome to GOGO Ltd.

GOGO Ltd. is grounded by core principles and values which are embedded throughout the organisation.  The below illustration best describes GOGO Ltd. and everything that is associated with the company - scroll over the wordings in the DNA structure for more information.


Something for everyone






Fearless to learn!





















A special line just for tourists







"Fanatical about Quality"

Quality is taken very seriously at GOGO at all stages - from the preliminary design stages, quality controls are in place.  We only move on to the next stage once it passes through the quality check of the previous stage.  Quality is something that is at the heart of GOGO so it is definitely something that we do not compromise on. GOGO is ultimately about delivering - delivering a style, an appearance and a comfort in all products to our consumers, in a quality that is defined by the customer - GOGO defines quality as conforming to customer expectations and this is exactly what we strive to achieve.