Dear GOGO Visitors,

The Karibu Travel and Tourism Fair was full of excitement and was a great success for GOGO Ltd.  I would like to thank all the global visitors who took the time to come to the stall to visit GOGO, experience GOGO, buy GOGO products, to discuss GOGO further, to take part in GOGO photos and to comment in the GOGO visitor’s book. 

GOGO exposed its culture and it was a pleasure to welcome the reactions that emerged from this – it was incredible to see some visitors immediately changing into a GOGO t-shirt or wearing a GOGO scarf whilst purchasing, as well as some customers placing immediate orders!  GOGO is overwhelmed by all the comments in the visitor book and we look forward to welcoming any new business.  GOGO has a customer focus; with a particular interest in conforming to customer expectations and we are excited to deliver on this basis.

Should you have any questions or would like any further information please feel free to contact me.  In the meantime please enjoy clicking through GOGO’s photo album from this event!

Kind Regards,

Mira Shah